Welcome to FORMIDAB

FORMIDAB is a Franco-German company with headquartered in Strasbourg.

Core business is the optimization of disposal methods, following the example of waste management for large corporations.

FORMIDAB combines all the services you need for a simple and cost-effective disposal.
As a result, even small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the real estate industry have the potential to increase the efficiency by professional waste management your disposal and reduce costs.

3 steps to optimize your waste disposal with FORMIDAB

Step 1

We analyze the actual state of your waste disposal. It will be examined and evaluated internal and external processes, wastes and costs.

Step 2

Based on the collected data, we develop a clever and sustainable concept for you. Here, the ideal level of economy and ecology is placed value.

Step 3

Improvements in the organizational structure, environment technology and logistics as well as the exploration of cost savings. All this assumes FORMIDAB now for you.

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